The cannabis market revolution has arrived to change the way investments are made and purchases are done.
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competitive price

Our sales system ensures a completely transparent price adapted to the margins.


Secure investment

The rewards system ensures in a secure and efficient manner the profitability of our services.


Farmers duly rewarded

Farmers will enjoy benefits commensurate with their activity.

Our mission

Buyers and investors become part.

Each investor will be able to purchase an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) representing a plant, granting them the right to receive their harvest or sell any surplus on our platform.



Sales platform

The sales website will be responsible for generating returns for the NFTs. It will function as a standard e-commerce platform, where the end customer can purchase CBD and its derivatives at a more affordable price compared to the competition.

  • Distribute profitability
  • Sustain the project
  • Minimize the price


Popular Questions

How will you ensure the best possible price?

Through blockchain technology, a fixed benefit can be established based on the sale price set on the website. This creates a 100% transparent value chain where each involved party will be fairly rewarded. With this aspect on our company's side, we can ensure a competitive price perpetually linked to its cost. Prices will be determined by the necessary margin within each section of the chain.

Where do the investors' profits come from?

With the purchase of these NFTs, access to a portion of the profits derived from the commercialization of cannabis products produced with your production unit will be guaranteed.

What role will the farmers play?

A franchise system will be established through which established farmers will be trained and financed. Inspections will be carried out to ensure the quality of the products. Additionally, there will be a private section within the platform to share data and information with other farmers. Harvest will also manage the legal services necessary to establish each plantation in the country where it is located.

Why use the Solana blockchain?

The Solana platform will guarantee the scalability and economic efficiency of the transactions necessary for the various functionalities of the platform.

How will it benefit the global cannabis market?

The global cannabis market will witness how the participants in its supply chain are proportionally compensated for their value, allowing the industry to shift into the hands of consumers and producers.


Harvest Benefits

Harvest offers a secure and profitable asset backed by agricultural production, as well as transparency and efficiency in the buying and selling of CBD.




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